About Lii

Now that you know about my blog, I thought of telling you more about me, so you know what kind of person is writing to you. To not bore you to pieces with all my history by writing a biography, I though of just telling 13 most important or funny things about me.

  1. 13 is my favourite number and quite lucky for me!
  1. I love cake! Dessert in almost any form will suffice, however cake is my ultimate favourite.


  1. I love colour! Especially the colours of the sky on pink evenings or during the sunrise. Colours make me inspired and they make me want things I might not need.
  1. I also love colouring. Just leave me with sharpened set of lovely coloured pencils and I am happy. Such tranquillity!


  1. I get easily hooked on different lifestyle trends, but because I get inspired by so many things all the time my attention span only holds on to things that I find worth while, such as yoga, eating less sugar and regular sleeping hours. But I will still always get excited about new things!!
  1. I love all animals. I am always aawwing at the dogs and cats outside and I will stop to admire a squirrel or a fox in the wild. When we are planning a hiking trip I will research best places to see wild animals and will talk our group into going there.
  1. I have two wonderfully silly and lovely cats. They make my life so much better every single day ❤


  1. One of my favourite ways to procrastinate is reading. It does not matter whether it is a good book, a magazine, a new blog post, interesting online article about something remotely relative to me or just facebook. I find myself reading any of these when I am supposed to work on something else, and it is really hard to stop!
  1. Writing is a way of clearing my head and I love it, but I find it often difficult to write down my thoughts. I never seems to come out the way I imagined. Writing is not my strongest skills, but because I love it I work on it, and slowly I will improve on it. So bare with me while I will develop into master writer 😉


  1. One thing I try to do on a daily basis is learning new or developing myself. Either a language, new software or a skill, it brings me sense of accomplishment and brings me closer to my goals. The days when I don’t learn anything, I get really frustrated!
  1. I get energised by the sun. Well, who doesn’t, right? But living in rainy Scotland get’s really hard during long rainy grey winters and when the sun finally decides to come out I feel like being born again.


  1. I prefer meals that are cooked from scratch with love, to any ready meals there are. In other words I hate ready meals!
  1. My dream future is working from home on my own business. Having an animal sanctuary (when I was a child this was a zoo..), adopting children and living a happy, inspirational and sustainable life.

Now that you know some quirky things about me, I would love to hear about you! What are your dreams? And what makes you special?

With love,



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