Hi there,

and welcome to my blog. Hurray!! This is so exciting, I have been planning this for ages and I finally got the courage to start this. I have so much to say and to talk about, and it has been cooking up in my mind for forever! I find writing things down therapeutic, so why not share my thoughts with you as well?

I will talk about who I am later first I wanted to share with you the message of my blog and the inspiration behind it. I am very enthusiastic about sustainability, ethics, fashion, food and happiness. Now, don’t quit on me yet. That might have sounded boring, or if not, then yey for you! I want this blog to be fun and motivational, as well as a platform from where you might find some useful information and inspiration for your everyday life. I do not want to lecture people, but rather give you a gentle nudge towards better and happier you. Why? Because I am on that journey just now as well.

So I hope you will stay with me, write comments or topic suggestions, or just pop-up to say hi. Everybody is welcome with their opinions and I hope you will find some motivation from here. Life is not too serious, enjoy it!

With love,


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